Bad day usually means a box of wine

Before I warp into a hurricane of fury and loathing, IUI 3 went just as well as we could have hoped.  Although we had to get up and be out the door at a time that should not even exist and the Hubs is not a morning person, he was his usual charming self.  Just imagine the man in a flannel shirt, worn-out boxers, and wool logging type socks standing with his hands on his hips and wickedly saying “I’m gonna need a cup.”  Really?  Awkward and hilarious.  Thank the heavens he doesn’t allow his crazy to be exposed in public (often).  The spermies weren’t quite as high in number as last time but motility was reported as being higher than his previous sample.  The only concern I had was that the IUI was actually performed about an 1 1/2 after it was scheduled.  But, whatever.  It’s fine.  Luckily I had minimal cramping this time, no discharge at all, and was really pretty comfortable.  I was totally expecting the ovaries having a firework show but all they did was tentatively announce their presence. 

Moving on.  Today was a literal shit show.  We had 8 surgeries to be done between 8-10.  I didn’t leave the surgery suite for the entire 2 hours.  I euthanized 2 pets yesterday afternoon and then had to let go another patient first thing this morning.  I cried with the owners, which is supes fun at 10:11 am.  This all was followed by scheduled intercourse over the lunch hour when you are exhausted (= exact opposite of fun, as you all know).  I finished lunch by reading a completely ridiculous response from a rescue who decided to rudely trash veterinary medicine and declare all veterinarians as money hungry a-holes.  Dear person who likes to make medical calls based on personal experience, um, salmonella is a real thing that exists in raw meat.  Not fiction.  Moron.  Then we finished the clinic day by running our asses off and with me doing an enema on a impacted cat.  Guess what?  Prognosis on that cat is seriously horrible too.  Yay me x 10,000.  Oh and I got to spend a 2 hour session with a couple who are newly pregnant discussing a difficult case and all she did was talk about avoiding stress while caressing her abdomen.  This same couple is having a hard time caring for their pets, have medical issues, and “accidentally” became pregnant.  This pleasant experience occurred at the same time as another coworker brought in her 2 month old gorgeous baby girl and my associate added newborn pictures to his desk…in the office that we also share. 

Ladies.  I think I hate pregnant people (most of them…but honestly sometimes all of them).  Why can’t I hide pregnant real people like I hide them on Facebook?  This is some real horse shit.  Hey universe, enough with the babies and preggers.  Enough.  Just give me a bloody break.  I know that we are at a damn Air Force base, but put something in the water. I will even write a prescription.  I can even spay a few that are unnecessarily breeding. 

Additionally we are never, ever getting orders from this base.  Never.  NEVER.  I don’t want to stay here!  I need a change.  I don’t want the Hubs to go to Korea for a year just so we can leave!  We have put in our time here at this base.  We have been a good little military couple.  And I like him and he mows my lawn.  He also makes me good dinners.  Best part is that it’s day 1 of the stupid, ridiculous, insane 2WW.  I am trying to be positive, sing songs of hearts and ponies to the little cells, but we are at T-13 and today was icky and I cannot even have an entire box of wine because that is exactly what I need right now. 

But I am trying to be happy.  I am trying to be.  Cause IUI 3 went okee dokee.  So bloody hearts and colicky ponies. 



27 thoughts on “Bad day usually means a box of wine”

  1. Oh man, it sounds like you had a rough day- BUT I am super pumped that your IUI went well! Crossing my fingers for you! Hoping you get your orders soon- and that they are exactly what you’re hoping for!

  2. So so sorry you had such a shitty day. Fuck em all, just fuck em! Screw that stupid pregnant lady and her “accidental” pregnancy while she can’t take care of her damn pets. Screw the guy who has a miracle and has to post it in front of you. Lastly screw the government and their ability to rule your life so completely when you need some if your own control. I’m sorry, I really am. I’ll be hoping for a decent TWW for you.

    1. Yes, ma’am!!! I wanted to have that 2 yo meltdown we all had in stores way back in the day. Like throw myself on the ground and everything. I also wish I could sleep of these 14 days like a bad hangover. Just saying. How’s it going with you ladies?

      1. I nlue thaw feeling if wanting to sleep away the TWW. We are ok. Kate comes back this gaming Friday and we can start our lives over again. I start my new cycle tomorrow and hopefully Clomid on Tuesday. Domain looking forward to the next TWW, go figure.

  3. Gawd reading that made ME wanna drink! Don’t worry, I’ve spoken to the unovetse and the rule still stands, so I feel pretty confident for you. XO
    I enjoyed the thought of you “spaying” and “neutering” the obliviously over-fertile and under-intelligent nuisances to society. That’s probably very politically incorrect of me. Don’t care. XO

  4. That sounds like a proper rubbish day. I’ll be sure to have a glass (or more) of wine for you this eve. Hopefully very soon you’ll become a preggo too and I’ll have to hide your posts from my blog feed when I’m having a bad day. Until then I hope the universe cuts you some slack. There are only so many sick animals and pregnant people a girl can take in the TWW!

      1. The wine was fab but the hangover that I also had for you was less amazing. You’ll be glad you missed out on that one!

    1. Thank heavens today was better. Nice and busy, but nothing insane. If I find something to put in the water, don’t you worry your pretty head, I will head on up to ya’ll and do you a favor!

  5. Wow what a day! Sorry to hear it was so crappy, and the scheduled sex. It just really sucks. After work last night I told my husband we needed to have sex Tuesday, it sucks having to “schedule” it but it just seems like that’s what our lives have become. Best of luck with your 2WW! I say have a whole box, it’s not going to hinder anything at this point!

  6. What a day! I don’t blame you for wanting to have a box of wine after such a day! I’m glad IUI#3 went smoothly…hang in there…2ww is the worst and hopefully this will be your last one! I’ll be thinking of you!

    1. Me too, girl, me too. Today was better and it’s almost Monday meaning no more on call for a little while! Not until after this whole 14 day nonsense. Sometimes I wish we could just be sedated for it!

  7. Ugh!! I hope today has been a better day! I laughed out loud when you said you could spay a few who are unnecessarily breeding! Hilarious! Sending you lots of positive thoughts for this cycle.

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