On like Donkey Kong

The two hour morning drive was actually not as painful as I thought it was going to be.  Mostly because I always dread doing any type of grown-up activity on my day off.  Instead I want to sleep until forever, hang around in my pjs, snuggle the babies, and do absolutely nothing.  Driving to have that ultrasound is not quite the same as absolutely nothing.  Also, I can’t lie, I am still recovering from Vegas.  Age tends to steal one’s youthful fountain of wicked energy.

Regardless I did manage and enjoyed rocking out to all that classic rock that makes me think I am cooler than I am.  Funny thing, though, was once I started the car the first lyrics that I heard was from Colbie Caillat’s Capr… “She’s got a baby inside
And holds her belly tight, all through the night…”  If you have never heard that song, it’s quite a tear-jerker for me with all that crazy TTC stuff.  But today I sat there and listened.  And felt the emotion and love that song is meant to portray.  Then I happened to peak in rear mirror and I could just envision a baby seat there.  Maybe I could even see what would eventually, hopefully, somehow be our future. 

Once I finally arrived I was ushered right into the exam room.  Folks, I really, really adore this group.  All through the appointment and ultrasound, the RN and I talked about her IVF pregnancy, her dogs, our Vegas trip, and everything.  Every time I see her, I feel like I have found a real friend.  She also called me Momma at the last IUI.  It totally almost made me stop in my tracks but it also made me believe they all think there will be a positive in our future. 

And we are blessed again that my right ovary is quite the little work horse again.  A literal draft horse, I am telling you, just harness her up .  Stats:

R: 16 mm and 22 mm

L: 11 mm

Lining: 6.1mm

Not 3 but a nice plump one and another that will likely catch up in the next 36-ish hours.  The game plan is literally the exact same as last time.  Although one difference is the Hubs and I were ordered to do the dirty tonight, which I thought was odd (does that seem right?).  Then trigger at 8:30pm, husband appt at 8 am on Thursday, and my appt at 9 am.  Dr. Phy again has requested to perform the IUI, which makes me again feel very special, very much like she has taken a special interest in our treatment plan.  I have no doubt they are going to be almost as excited as we are if one of these holds.  What a wonderful RE and great, lovely staff! 

And, of course, why not, again I am feeling pretty stoked and almost annoyingly fertile this round.  I celebrated by getting a good work-out in.  Dontcha worry, I will be hobbling from the bed tomorrow 😉  Thinking every single fertile thing I can think of…which as a vet can be quite interesting, to say the least


27 thoughts on “On like Donkey Kong”

    1. Right? Saddest song ever. I couldn’t even hear the beginning of it, before any lyrics, without almost melting down. Today, though, it was okay. And I am totally on the look-out for that weirdo commercial 😉 Thanks, doll!

  1. Great follicles! Always remember…it’s not quantity but quality that counts in this game! I had “only” two 😉 And good advice of having intercourse tonight. We pretty much did the same even though no one told us so. That way your hubby will have the freshest and strongest spermies on the day of the IUI. Also, have intercourse again on the day after your IUI and the next day just to be on the safe side. This worked for me so why should it not work for you! This got to be it! I’ll be anxiously waiting with you for the next two weeks after your IUI!

    1. The Hubs was so concerned that it would affect the results on Thursday. I literally had to ask ya’ll and find some legit internet sources to convince him it was just fine. Funny that a man would complain about sex… 😉 And I really, really hope so! It feels like this is a good cycle although I am just trying to not get too set on it. I am sorry you are so sick! If it doesn’t get better or is crazy intolerable, you should give a holler to your doctor. But I am crazy happy it all is going ok, nausea can be a good thing sometimes in life (as in only in pregnancy =) !!

      1. I know I shouldn’t complain about the nausea as it is certainly a very good sign in regards to the pregnancy, but man it hit me like a ton of bricks! My hubby calls me a complainer…and he’s probably right…lol. Tell your hubby that today’s action won’t affect Thursday’s results…well, it does in a good way…only the prime specimen will be hanging around 😉 Can’t wait for Thursday and hear how it went 🙂 Just always remember you do the best you can and that’s it…the rest is not up to us….sending you many good vibes!

      2. Weird thing was the IUI was great, but I was super not crampy at all. And not discharge at all. I just went back to work and trucked along like no big deal. So here’s hoping!!

    1. I’m sorry, lady. I am actually seriously shocked by how many of us do have crappy REs. You would think they would all be more considerate. Is there another RE close that ya’ll could switch to?

  2. Sounds like your appointment went well! And I’m also happy to hear you being more positive about this cycle, and your whole journey in general! Best of luck with the BD, trigger, and IUI!

    1. Thanks, girl! The Hubs was slightly concerned but I managed to convince him that I suspect the RE knows what she is doing. Trigger wasn’t too bad, but the fireworks will start tomorrow 😦 You should be getting pretty close too! Good luck, love!!!

  3. Yay for some good news! That’s great your Dr. Makes you feel important, that really does make a big difference! I haven’t heard that song yet, I’ll have to look it up! Keep us updated! I’m anxious to hear how everything goes! Hopefully this weekend you’ll get some rest/recuperation that’s much needed!

  4. Sounds awesome!!!! DH and I were always told to have sex on the night of trigger so that sounds right to me 🙂 and remember, it only takes one egg and one sperm – your numbers sound great! Can’t wait to hear how this cycle turns out!!!

    1. Right? Just one good one! Only 14 days until we know, easy-peasy. Not really 😉 Gonna try to find all of the activities to keep me occupied. Definitely going to avoid internet searches!

  5. Was going to say awesome follicles and then laughed out loud at theunexpectedtrip’s comment. So very true, there are so many moments during infertility that you think to yourself ‘how in the hell is this my life’ – sometimes in a funny way, sometimes not so much. Anyway – rooting for a fabulous egg out of those awesome follicles!

    1. I totally did too and the Hubs judged but he can’t understand cool people anyways. I high fived him after the last SA for pete’s sake! Couple more days and I am going to neurotically try to preoccupy myself with everything! Thanks, dear!!!

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