Military life exhaustion

Lovelies out there, I am over being stationed at the same base for going on 5 years.  The over-seas assignment list came out…again.  We are going to put in for Alaska…again.  And it’s likely going to be denied…again.  The real fun thing is that the Hubs is now again available for a Korea assignment which means that we could be separated for a year.  Nice.  Not only will we get another real difficult assignment but building a family becomes pretty much impossible when said husband is countries away. 

Needless to say, I am quite a grumpy pants right meow. 

The worst part of this particular assignment is the area.  The base is located in rural NM which also happens to be fairly impoverished.  There is an extremely high number of unemployed individuals whom have either the inability or don’t have the desire to work.  Unfortunately this lends to many children raised in tough situations that tend to encourage crime, teen pregnancy, and further unemployment and welfare.  Now, please, PLEASE, don’t get me wrong.  My mother was a single parent with 5 children and no child support, who had to rely on welfare and WIC to support our family.  But because she was capable she worked to get out of that situation.  She became an RN and is quite amazing.  Many of those individuals in the same situation as we were do not have or want to have those type of aspirations.  Oh and the other dumpy thing is that in this area, unfortunately, the rate of unemployed-to-employed is 2:1.  Meaning there aren’t enough of us working to support those who do not. 

Add all this to the fact that we are not even remotely close to family and we are definitely at least 2-3 hours from any airport that could take us to visit.  So we are in a rural area with a high number of unemployed folk, leading to crime, poor educational systems, teen pregnancy, etc., at a base which is NOT contributing to my husband’s Air Force career.  I do love my job, I work at a great clinic with great benefits and wonderful experience, but it is not worth being stationed here forever.

I just can’t see a way to get a new duty station.  Neither can the Hubs.

On another note, we are now 10dpIUI.  I have had some cramping on and off, am definitely more moody, but, guess what, that period is around the corner.  It will be what it will be, I guess.  The Hubs is ever the optimistic and just patiently waiting until Thursday.  I do have to change where we are doing the blood draw though.  I have a couple of big surgeries that morning and can just have the beta done here in town.  So to save myself the 2 hour drive and to not mess up our clinic schedule, I will just request the change.  The nice thing is that I do have a veterinary conference in Las Vegas next week.  It might be a great distraction from a negative although it will surely mess up our chances for an IUI this month.  That sucks.  But I have to go for CE to keep my license in the state of NM.  Sometimes I hate having a job.  I might be able to talk to the RE and work around that week although I feel like I need to be cognizant about the amount of time I would be getting off in a short period of time. 

Sometimes it all is just too much.  Anyways, I hope all of you wonderful ladies out there are doing amazing, that the journey is maybe going ok for once.  But even if it isn’t, know that you all are in my thoughts. 


21 thoughts on “Military life exhaustion”

  1. A year without the hubs would be awful, especially while TTC or pregnant! I hope it doesn’t come to that! I hope the next few days fly by for you, still rooting for your BFP!!

  2. They consider Alaska to be over-seas? Interesting. And if your hubby is assigned to Korea would you not be able to go with him being his wife and all? Not that I would be too keen to go there myself. Who knows…maybe you get to go to Alaska after all…keeping fingers crossed for you! 10dpIUI! Wow. Not much longer and you’ll know whether those cramps are pregnancy or AF related…they could be either…trust me I’ve been having lower backaches and cramping and supposedly I’m pregnant, which has not quite registered with me yet. Anyhow…things happen for a reason I truly believe that bad or good…I’m thinking of you and still hoping for a bfp for you!

    1. They do…I think it’s mostly based on how far away from the mainland it is. And in reality most people don’t want to get stationed there cause it’s so far from family. I am so, so ready to know! I also want to do the blood test and get instant results. I am pretty sure that I will explode if for some reason they don’t get back to us that day. I am a little concerned about that because we might do the blood test on base and they are not known for being efficient at medical things. At least I am holding out on the whole HPT thing…I don’t want to, but I have no doubt that jumping the gun on that would just be a disappointment and make then next few days even worse. Hope you are getting all your awesome knitting done…and even thinking about baby stuff!!

      1. Good for you for holding out on the blood pregnancy test. It was hard when I did it, but like you I wanted to save myself from a few days of disappointment. I’m hoping that you won’t be disappointed and that they’ll give your results the same day. I have not really dared thinking about baby stuff yet, but funny enough my hubby does…go figure…but he is the optimist in our “unit” 😉

  3. We used to live in Santa Fe and Mr. MLACS worked at the lab at Los Alamos–I worked at a medical center that served the working poor. I have to say, that most of them worked hard for very little money, which I respect. But, they ENCOURAGE teen pregnancy, like, Mom’s,proudly congratulating their 14yr old daughters on being knocked up–which I could hardly believe, but it’s a cultural thing so it’s not for me to understand. I was really ready to leave SF, but now I miss it like crazy–life is simpler there. I hope you get Alaska, cuz it would be similarly beautiful (I loved the SF mtns). Be sure to go to 10,000 waces spa in Santa Fe if you can–it is AH-MAZING. XO

    1. Noted…and great suggestion! The Hubs has been to Santa Fe but I have not (school getting in the way again), so we are definitely due for a trip. The crappy thing about Clovis is that there simply is not a lot of jobs cause most of the dairies have moved from the area. And the community in general does not invest in itself. So there are a lot of factors, but regardless it’s really not a place I want to make a home. And I would really prefer to not have kids go to school here because of the issues with the educational system. Also, part of the thrill of the military is moving, which oddly enough I kind of miss 😦 I am so hoping for Alaska even if I know it’s probably not in the cards, oh well though. As long as we don’t get a short tour to Korea, right?

      1. I feel ya–I’ve said the same to hubs “when you told me to get a passport I expected we’d live abroad!” But his company doesn’t want to pay for ME to live abroad (they’ve gotten much stingy-er) so I’ve also been stuck domestically in random places. Uhg. I’ve never even heard of Clovis, NM. XO

  4. I’m praying you get your BFP and orders to Alaska. We will be moving soon and the anticipation of not knowing is always hard. J hasn’t done a short yet so I am a bit more anxious than usual. We put in for Alaska as well! Hopefully we end up there together and I can babysit for you 😉 love following you on here you are so brave and strong and I really admire your courage and tenacity.

    1. You are such a doll…I am so hoping for a new base. I feel like being at any base for 5 years is too long, especially at this base, and we have already had to endure a short tour when he was about 2 or 3 years in. It would be some dumpy luck if that happened. I feel like I lose more and more hope with each time we are passed up. Most of the people who came to this base with us are actually at their second or even 3rd duty station since they left. I bet we might be one of the only people who do not want to stay here who have been stationed here that long. Alaska would be awesome though!!! As long as I could find a good job and take the doggies, I would be content. We are pretty anxious to see what this cycle ends up being…. Thanks girly!

  5. We are waiting on orders for June right now – the waiting is close to killing me! So I completely understand – hopefully you will get a change of scenery soon. I am surprised they have kept you in one location for so long… Keeping fingers and toes crossed for the next few days!

  6. Your mom sounds like an amazing lady! In so sorry for all the stress you and your husband are facing right now, it sounds like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’m hoping that this is your time and this IUI is the one!!

  7. Military life is certainly not all it’s cracked up to be :-/ I blame Army Wives for the over-romanticizing of it. Chief is going to Alaska for training in August. He’ll be there for two weeks and I really want to take a hop and go with him for at least a bit of it!

  8. I can’t imagine a year without the hubs!! I’m praying for you and that God’s perfect plan and perfect timing of His plan falls into place and you have peace and understanding. Hugs girl!! God has great things in store for you…just keep following His path and His plan and you can’t go wrong! xoxo

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