8-er and what if this works?

I asked my Hubs what he would do if this IUI is the lottery.  His response: I’ll buy you pizza twice a week, ice cream 5 times, and a jar of pickles everyday.  And a can of oysters to put on your pickles.  All of it.

That man is really looking forward to the entire experience.  He is going to be an adorable father someday.  No doubt about that.

We are sitting at 8dpIUI and I can’t say my patience is any better.  I have this crazy desire to urinate on some stick, just to actually do something.  But the Hubs has forbidden me from even trying an early HPT.  He says that the beta is part of this and he wants to wait.  I am gonna desperately try to be strong and do that.

I just really want to know.

As for how I feel…I keep thinking I feel some tugs and aches almost like early menstrual cramps and I have been more nauseous, but let’s be honest.  It’s been 8 days.  And that nausea was during a really infected, bloody canine dental and from some of the worst esophageal reflux I have ever smelled.  I must be getting sensitive in my old age.  The suppositories are still just there and have made me a little emotional.  I had a meltdown on the Hubs due to a cable bill.  Epic one worthy of boarding that rage train to hormonal crazy town.  Poor guy.

I’ll just keep trucking, drinking tea, and hoping.  Thinking of all you ladies out there too, rolling in your journeys to amazing!


20 thoughts on “8-er and what if this works?”

    1. You and me both, sister. You and me both. Life has always worked out for the best, and I am hoping it will do the same for us both. With God’s grace, right? And he is adorable, silly, and a giant pain in my rear. But I would never want a life without his cute little tail. Heart ya, chica!!

  1. Yeah, around 8dpiui is when I start to get antsy, so I hear ya. I’m allowing myself to test on Monday (12dpiui). Strength to you waiting till the beta. Mine is for 2 days after my expected period which is a bunch of crap, hence why I’ll be testing earlier lol

    1. Right, I am dying here! I just want to know, just to end the waiting. The Hubs was so persistent about waiting though. I think it’s so we know for sure and don’t have to deal with all the heartbreak of negatives before the beta. And if the beta was 1 second past my expected period, I would be investing in a fair number of sticks to mark!

    1. Thanks, girl! He can be pretty cute…sometimes 😉 I am trying to stay as busy as possible so I don’t even try to think about how much time we have left…which isn’t really that long! I certainly haven’t grown patient with age!

  2. So cute what your hubby said! I think that most of the guys sort of try to keep their feelings a bit to themselves. For a while, I almost thought my husband wasn’t even that bothered about the whole issue, and when it finally came out just how sad he was – I felt even worse. Like you, I know my husband will make a wonderful father…just wish it wasn’t such a big question mark right now…SIGH. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! 🙂

    1. I know, love, I hate that question mark. I really hate that it can’t be so easy, that we all have to work hard at this. And you both will be wonderful parents…I have no doubt about that either!

      1. I keep trying to think that this horrible experience will ultimately make us all far more grateful parents; it will carry us through other heartaches and the trials & tribulations of parenthood with more resilience.

  3. You husband is too dang cute. I love his response ❤ I always tested early for my IUI's until the last one. I hated seeing a negative and most times I would test so stupid early that of course it was going to be negative lol I'm glad your doctor does beta's right off the bat. Mine, you had to have a positive HPT before they started them. If mine did them at the 14DPIUI mark (or whenever) I probably would have waited too 🙂

    1. He is pretty cute…I was super entertained by his response. He has always been such a rock in all of this. Doesn’t mean I won’t want to test early though. I hate the suspense!! I am so excited that your friend is talking of a baby shower, by the way. Yay!!

  4. Uhhh….8dpiui and cramping…sounds familiar 😉 I am very hopeful for you and darn it I want you to have a bfp this month! And, don’t pee on a stick…listen to your husband! Wishing you all the best…can’t wait ’til you get to have your blood test!

  5. I am 8dp3dt so we are very close on our waits! My beta is Monday. I hope this is your BFP cycle and you get all the pizza, ice cream, pickles and oysters you can eat!! 🙂

  6. I love your hubby’s response! I have also been emotional lately…I had a breakdown over the fact that I was “assuming” my hubby would surprise me with a diet coke from McDonald’s the other day (they are my fav). I had called him three times that day (once to ask him to pick up milk) to see what he was doing because I wanted a diet coke and couldn’t get out in the icy weather with the three year old we are keeping. I thought I had dropped enough hints to make sure he at least came home with more than just milk. He walked in the door and I noticed he was without such goodness…I busted in tears and melted in his chest! lol!! HIs response? “Long day with the three year old? I’ll go back and get you one.” So he went back out in the icy conditions and returned with my addiction 🙂

    1. Hahahaha. I almost have an out-of-body experience where I can see myself become irrational. And I can’t stop it. Annnd I get furious when he doesn’t read my mind. Seriously, how could he not KNOW I need so many things 😉 I think it’s ok cause of the female bits we have…right? Heart ya lady!

  7. LOL about your husband wanting to support your cravings through your pregnancy. Since we found out we were having infertility problems my husband backed off almost 100% from talking about names, nursery ideas, what we’d do in certain situations…..but he’s starting to come back around. This is my first 2WW in a LONG time that he’s started talking like we’ll be pregnant soon. It’s so encouraging to me to hear him talk like that! Keep on keepin on girl, your beta will be here before we know it!!!

    1. Ahh, that makes me so happy that your husband is talking like this might be the one. I know the men deal with this all differently, but it makes such a difference when they are hopeful. Just a few days left, right? Girl, I am so antsy!

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