6dpIUI and the awkwardness of progesterone

I can’t lie…I really have had a extreme craving for a big glass of red wine lately.  I’ve had an awful time sleeping as of lately, even though I am absolutely exhausted, and I am dreaming of how that glass might send me off to never-never-land.  On-call weekends ALWAYS does this to me though.  But I am pretty sure that my subconscious anxiety over this IUI might also be lending to my insomnia.

Thankfully Tuesdays are always my day off each week.  Except the silly Air Force has forced me to make another appointment.  This will be the 3rd Tuesday that I do not get to completely veg out at home and recharge away from the craziness of work.  Seriously gross.  I am slightly irritated because this appointment is just a wellness check, not because I need to be seen.  But I am afraid I will lose my referrals if I do not go.  So, I get to go on base, and sit in a room with a whole bunch of super young military wives who all have at least 2 children.  At least.  Perfect way to spend any day in the 2WW.  I love this!

As for how things are going on the home front…I just began those progesterone suppositories which definitely lead to gross discharge daily.  I really hope that I am taking them for a reason and not just wasting the product on a bust cycle.  Otherwise I am just normal.  Which duh at the 6 day mark.  Theoretically if there is a little person brewing, implantation could begin today and extend until day 12ish but in reality I would not expect to feel much different regardless during this time-frame.  I wish I could just sedate myself during this wait though, not gonna lie.  The dumpy thing is that my earlier optimism has slowly dwindled.  Yesterday I was pretty convinced that there was absolutely no way it would work this time, but then my dear friend over at http://swabianinexile.wordpress.com/ just announced her positive beta following an IUI.  Meaning it might be positive.

In the midst of this doubt, of course I turned to my Hubs.  You know what he said?  That just that day he had a random thought that this was going to work this time, that our dogs would also be just fine adjusting.  Then he gave me a hug and went back to cooking dinner.  So maybe it will.  Just 8 days to go.


38 thoughts on “6dpIUI and the awkwardness of progesterone”

  1. Hang in there girlfriend! I felt the exact same way at around 6 dpiui. The second part of the tww was horrible. More doubts kept coming, but my hubby, too, kept saying all along that this is it 😉 You got a really good chance this time around ’cause everything has been perfectly timed. I’m so wishing for you and your hubby that this is it! Thinking of you! P.S. Those progesterone suppositories are gross, but you sort of get used to the grossiness 😉

      1. I love the word “dumpy”! haha! Yes, it isn’t a pleasant circumstance, but it has been pleasant to get to know you and all of the other women. It just proves that God is still in the business of turning our “dumpy” situations into something FABTABULOUS!!! xoxo

  2. Lol, I’m feeling the same way and I’m only 1DPIUI. I hope these next 8 days fly by for you!! Are you waiting to test until 14 DPIUI? I really hope this works for you this time too! I know we always say that every cycle, but I really do!!!!

      1. Lol, I know. I never know the difference. I’m okay. I don’t know how you’re resisting peeing on sticks! I started at 1DPIUI. Lol. My trigger was just about gone today.

      2. Hahahahaha…I even giggled a bit out loud. I wanted too, I really did. But I did forget about doing it, and then I stressed myself out, and then I ate a couple cookies to deal. I love being a crazy, stressed out woman…false. Sure don’t!

  3. Ewwww, yep I will never get used to the progesterone supps–feels totally unnatural. Between the progesterone and the hcg (which I dunno if you tested out the trigger but it’s probly still detectable) it’s impossible to distinguish a symptom from a side effect, buuuuut never doubt the power of positive thinking! FX lady! XO

    1. Right? I didn’t even test the trigger cause I would love for our first pink lines to be from a positive. I hate questioning every twitch and tingle. Why can’t we just fast forward or be sedated for this time frame?!?!

  4. I totally understand what you mean about military wives being fertile! I read a statistic that in the civilian world 14% of married couples in their 20’s have at least one child, whereas in the military for the same age group it’s 60%. I believe it too! I’ll be hoping and praying this is your time! I love that your husband had a sweet thought about you being parents, and the dogs adjusted well! That’s so cute and I would take it as a sign of encouragement!

    1. K, those stats make me really wish for a bottle of wine or at least 4 beers. No wonder I get such rage when on base. Gross, yo. And when he said that, it made me feel better. A lot better. Which helps for at least 2 minutes of that 2WW, huh? Thanks, doll…I love my military wives!!

  5. I said recently I wish the 2ww had a fast forward button. Oh yes, the progesterone. Gotta love that stuff – not. I am also feeling more hopeful this cycle after hearing about maeussle’s positive beta. Good things are to come 🙂

  6. UGH, I can so relate to the horrors of sitting in a waiting room surrounded by Fertile Myrtles. I’ve been to appointments where some women literally looked like their water could break any minute – I mean, there’s no way to ignore that, so you spend the entire time struggling NOT to stare, especially when said woman already has several other kids with her. Sometimes I get so jealous and angry that I feel like screaming, GREEDY MUCH?? I know it’s a horrible thing to admit and totally unfair, but I feel so frustrated and vulnerable at those appointments that I seriously wish every ob/gyn in the country had a “reproductively challenged” waiting room – separate from the mommies and mommies-to-be. SIGH. Keeping my fingers crossed for you in the meantime! 🙂

    1. I hate, hate, HATE going on base where are so many young, fertile, and skinny wives with all those babies. It’s so hard not to be bitter and irritated and sad. I am hoping that this one might be the lucky one, so maybe sitting there was worth the discomfort, right? Thanks, doll!!

      1. I can’t even imagine. From what I’ve heard years ago from another woman whose husband was military, a lot of them are practically still girls. Can’t imagine being my age and surrounded by girls barely out of high school with a big belly and maybe more kids in tow. BLECH! I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that, but I totally understand feeling bitter, irritated and sad – that’s pretty much become the new “normal” for me 😦

  7. Thankfully, I never had an issue with the progesterone suppositories! Now I am doing the shots which aren’t too bad either! I will keep praying for a BFP for you! I hope the next 8 days fly by!

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