Sapphire blues…and our IUI 2

I have always loved vibrant colors…but my favorite hue has always been blue.  I have always felt that gorgeous blues are a sign of hope.  Vivid, perfect, a brilliant color of life.  And for our 2nd (and hopefully last!!) IUI, I dressed in all shades of blue.  Accented by the opals and sapphire jewelry the Hubs gave me once upon a time.  Striving for all ofthe luck.

But, even with my blues,  nothing could prepare me for the absolute rage of drug induced ovulation.  The cramping began throughout our drive to the hospital and intensified while I waited for the Hubs to do the naughty deed.  And continued throughout our wait in the RE office.  I am in absolute awe of how intense that pain is (…and am in awe of those women who develop ovarian cysts).  Finally, our number was up and we were called to the back.

Dr. Phy had already called dibs on our procedure, which made me feel, well, quite special.  (Our move to a new RE was legitimately one of the best decisions we could have made in our journey.)  Yet the very best part of the day was the look on her face when she gave us the report on the Hubs swimmers.  Guess what?  90 million motile swimmers…90 million dates for my 3 ladies.  90 million chances for a miracle.  Luckily we were able to watch the entire process on ultrasound, a string of bubbles, in black and white on the screen.

This cycle was faultless.  Text book.  And this IUI was flawless.  Isn’t that strange to say…everything responded and went absolutely perfectly.

Yet it could still be a bust.  My heart is hoping and praying that it will be the one, our last push right before we have our tiny person.  But my mind knows the reality of it all.  Just say there is a BFP, there are still many more hurdles before we have a take home baby.  Many, many challenges.

For this all, for even just those 2 pink lines, there are an infinite of magical pieces and very much pixie dust needed.  I just hope they all fall into place and give us our miracle.

For now we wait, embark on that special horribleness of the 2WW.  Beta is Feb. 13th.


11 thoughts on “Sapphire blues…and our IUI 2”

  1. Ya! 90 million sounds great! Funny, I also wore several different blues today to my IUI too! I hope it brings us both lots of luck! I’m here if you want to vent! Can’t wait to find out the results of our IUI’s together!

    1. I was pretty stoked, as with Doc P, but the Hubs didn’t quite seem as excited? I think he was tired and you know how mens are when they are tired. He did tell a buddy which leads me to believe he was puffing out his chest a bit. I am crossing my fingers that we both get awesome possum news in 9 days (but whose counting 😉 !!!

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