Bright and beautiful follies

Atta girls!  3 perfect, plump follicles, all ready to give us that chance at starting our family!  Lovelies, I am so beyond stoked that I just want to shout it from the rooftops.


Right: 2 follicles measuring at 18 and 18.5 mm, several smaller follicles weighing in at around 14 mm

Left: 1 follicle measuring at 19 mm, 2 other follicles sitting at 13ish mm a piece

Endometrium: 6 mm

The stage is indeed set for our miracle 😉

Needless to say, Dr. P (who is quite possibly more excited and revved up to go than we are!!) gave us the go for the Ovidrel injection tonight, 8:30 pm to be exact.  Our IUI is scheduled for collection at 8 am and procedure at 9 am about 36 hours later. Then the funness of the progesterone suppositories begins the 1st of Feb.

Our beta hits on the 13th of February…

Folks, I have a good feeling about our Valentine Day gift this year =D



17 thoughts on “Bright and beautiful follies”

  1. Ya! Sounds perfect! Good luck with your shot tonight, you’ll do great. I hope everything goes perfectly tomorrow. The progesterone isn’t too bad (can’t remember if you’ve had to use them before). My recommendation is to start taking stool softeners around the clock and use panty liners, you’ll thank me later!

    1. OH EM GEE!!! This made my night!! Thank you so much….I know this IF stuff is hard, but I feel so very blessed that it lead me too you as a true friend! Lots of love being sent to your way!!!!

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