The epic symphony of the surgery suite

Today was a good day for a surgeon at heart. I love to be in my surgical gown, I love the art and finesse of handling a scalpel, I love the headiness of saving a life (please, all, pray for my patient tonight…she had a very difficult surgery today!!!) . My surgical soundtrack reflects that passion and sheer happiness. This is the newest addition.

The funny thing is, much of the lyrics reflect a great deal of the journey of fertility. The hard stuff, ya know?

But if you close your eyes… there is such an amazing grace to the struggle. There will be such an amazing end to the journey.

But if you close your eyes…


4 thoughts on “The epic symphony of the surgery suite”

  1. I hope your little patient makes it through the night! Keeping my fingers crossed for her/him! I bet you are a passionate surgeon! What a skill to have and I bet being a vet comes in handy with your own little pet family 😉 Gotta listen to the song later or tomorrow.

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