Go time

Ground zero: the center of an event like an earthquake or explosion. It is the site of origination.

…It is also a very apt descriptor of this cycle.  I have no doubt that this one will be epic and just the beginning of our lives with our Baby B. 

It’s probably needless to say, but I have had a wonderfully hopeful feeling since meeting our new RE.  Everything about this cycle just seems right.  Dates of our ultrasounds are all falling on my days off, new Rx prenatals are actually much easier to take, and the initial appointment had us reassured that we are ideal candidates for pursuing a 2nd IUI so quickly.  Everything is just falling into place. 

I am so patiently happy right now.

My baseline ultrasound was today, with all the lady bits appearing as they should.  No cysts noted and the left ovary is busy building follicles.  The right was being shy…silly girl.  Regardless we are now officially a go for this cycle!!  I picked up the Letrozole, first dose will be tonight.  I am hoping the side-effects are minimal or at least along the lines of Clomid.  But, as you all know, so long as those follies grow, baby, grow, I don’t care how the meds make me feel. 

Sooooooo stoked! 

One more thing: please, everyone, make sure to shoot out some prayers and hugs and love to the many ladies (and their counterparts!!) who are at the conclusion of their 2WW, or at the beginning, or really at any place in their journeys.  You are all in my thoughts and I am always praying for the best!  Heart you, ladies!!!



15 thoughts on “Go time”

  1. Yay!!! Great news! I’m so excited for you! You know what’s funny? We reversed roles this month. Before it was you in the 2ww and now it’s me…lol…I’m so hoping for a baby for us and everyone else who’s in the vicious cycle 🙂

      1. Better today. Thanks for asking 😉 I had quite a bit of cramping yesterday. Today I just had a few pinches here and there. I’m trying not think about it and just pretend nothing has happened…lol…yup, turning into a mental case. I hate the 2ww!

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