Ladies in waiting

“They say if you dream a thing more than once, it is sure to come true.”

~ Sleeping Beauty

It came to me, as I was in the midst of spaying a dog, that ovaries are really unique little bits.  These rather small units are the center of our, and really all mammal, reproductive cycles.  They are a true force unto themselves, little hurricanes of hormonal power.  And they are an essential part of the foundation that allows us the joy and the miracle of new life.

Contemplating that as I was hands deep in surgery, listening to some great old rock ‘n ‘roll, lead me to another epiphany.  At our first appt with our wonderful RE, being able to just see what my cycle was doing to my ovaries was truly astonishing.  All of those little follies, all ladies in waiting.  Waiting to put on their very best, waiting for the dance.  A beginning of life, held in those small black dots on the ultrasound screen.  I felt, even then, that I care deeply about those follicles, I even love the precious eggs they are nurturing.

As we begin to bear down for this second IUI, my hopes is that I don’t forget that, that I continue to encourage at least one to volunteer to hopefully meet her Prince Charming so we can finally meet our precious blessing.  Our blessing that will undoubtedly be more than worth all of the wait and all of struggles.   Our new journey begins 1/21 =)


One thought on “Ladies in waiting”

  1. Wohooo! That’s great news! It’s so much easier following other people’s cycles than your own…less nerve-wrecking…hehe! And by the way, I think it’s so cool that you are vet…anybody in a white coat is like magic to me…lol. I’m excited for your new journey 🙂

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