“You just hadn’t met your pregnancy coordinator!”

Dear hearts, I think we have found our lady. 

First, I had a better overall impression of the facilities.  Much more appeasing visually, but also extremely well-run.  Which you would have thought would have immediately put my mind at ease, but let me tell you that my bp was pretty high.  The poor nurse even asked if that was normal for me.  Nope, just freaking myself out.  It’s fine.

Then we met Dr. P.  Her credentials are pretty impressive, boarded but also having experience with both private practice and at Texas Tech.  And she was extremely personable and very thorough in her analysis of our medical information prior to this visit.  After this review, and also analyzing the pictures from my diagnostic lap, her professional opinion was that there was evidence of Stage II Endometriosis.  Given this, along with the duration of TTC and the Hubs many SA, she was definitely on-board to get more aggressive with much, much more monitoring. 

Enter the very first ultrasound that I have had in the past 5 years of TTC.  I wasn’t expecting this, but, hey, at least we get an ultrasound!  So CD1 is really likely to be full-blown either tomorrow or over the weekend.  meaning we got a pretty good look at my end of cycle anatomy.  I have a nice, plush uterine lining and my ovaries are wicked over-achieves with follicles.  Like 15 on the right, and 17 on the left.  Everything is truly exactly as it should be to support a successful IUI. 

Our mini-stim protocol:

1 Baseline ultrasound at CD 1-3

Femara CD 3-7 (2 of 2.5 mg tab q 24 hours)


Ultrasound CD 11

When have a dominant follicle around 18 mm, Ovidrel trigger

IUI around 36 hours later

I then get the blessing of vaginal progesterone suppositories about 2 days after IUI and until the serum pregnancy test about 13-15 days post-Ovidrel.  If it is positive, a serum progesterone will also be run, which would be repeated at 2 days.  Then on to the ultrasound at 6 weeks to confirm fetal heartbeat.

The best part of this entire visit, beyond actually having an outlined plan, is how positive everyone was.  All we heard, all day, was the phrase “When we get pregnant.”  And it might happen, especially since Dr. P did let us know that typically 1 out of every 3 women completing an IUI end up with a BFP. 




11 thoughts on ““You just hadn’t met your pregnancy coordinator!””

  1. Sounds awesome!!! So happy for you 🙂 I think you will like the Femara much more than the Clomid. I did, that’s for sure! Plus I had a better response to it. My second IUI on Femara worked and I did the EXACT same protocol as you describe above. Down to the dosage of everything! I have great faith that this will work for you!! Maybe you’ll even get it on the first try with this new doc. So exciting 😀

    1. That makes me really, really happy…I am hoping Femara is a pretty good switch, to kinda match everything else we are changing. I am pretty excited that we are just moving along too, not really missing a step with moving to a new RE. How’s the baby belly doing? I hope it’s gonna start moving and shaking soon with the little jelly bean!!

  2. One of the most important things in all of this is to trust your doctor. If you don’t trust your doctor, that is just added stress. It sounds like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders! So happy for you! 🙂

    1. We were supposed to do that baseline ultrasound, which would happen to fall right on Monday (yay holidays) but the RE actually called just to say she really is ok to wait until Tuesday cause she wants “everything to be perfect.” Even the Hubs says she is awesome (Mr. Debbie Downer he was before the appt…some men 😉 ).

  3. Sounds very promising! Your protocol sounds similar to mine 😉 Holy smokes…that’s a lot of follicles! I only had 18 on cd3. Like I said before, I bet with a more controlled approach you’ll be knocked up in no time 😉

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