Whispers of cramps and 13DPIUI

Why is every early sign of pregnancy exactly the same as every early sign of AF?  Our bodies are surely cruel, cruel instruments of torture in this awfully fun journey, huh?  As you can guess, I definitely have the early achiness that I often associate with AF although I have not noticed any other physical verification of her arrival (I will say that I was a tad nauseated this am, but I also had not eaten and was fixing a strong cup of coffee.  I usually never feel nauseous, which is odd.).  But I am stubbornly refusing to start marking sticks quite yet, mostly because I can just save the money and wait for Wednesday.  The predicted day I board the rage train and begin investing in female monthly products of all varieties.  And I can say with 100% confidence that if my body does what it always does, like clockwork, then I will positively hitting CD1 in a couple days.

This entire process is all lame and ridiculous.

At least we will be meeting with our new RE on Thursday and hopefully be fast forwarding to a plan for this presumptive upcoming cycle.  The Hubs was more than a little worried that a new RE will mean we would be starting all over, but I assured him that unless the clinic wanted a nuclear meltdown that would not happen.  Most of the foundation footwork has already been done and this would be our 3rd cycle of clomid so my hopes is the new doc will be on board at least to do an increased level of monitoring and an IUI either this or the February cycle.  From my understanding from her previous patients, that should be the case.

Regardless, still hoping that AF will go on vacation for about 9ish months.  At least there will be some Bronco football to keep me busy today.  Oh and a little 15 month old boy that will likely send our dogs into an ultimate tizzy.


7 thoughts on “Whispers of cramps and 13DPIUI”

  1. Hahaha! Wow! I think you wrote exactly what I’ve been saying to my husband this weekend and exactly how I’m feeling. I am 6 days past my 6 day frozen embryo transfer and feeling the EXACT same way. It is driving me INSANE! My beta blood test is on Wed. Fingers crossed that all of these symptoms we are both feeling are not just tricks and that we have a very long vacation from AF.

  2. It’s the darnedest thing, isn’t it? In my opinion there’s no difference between AF and pregnancy symptoms. When I was pregnant (mc) I had the worst lower backaches ever around the time I was expecting my period and it turned out to be a bfp. But, no matter how hard I try every month I still do the same thing in my head once I hit 13/14 dpo – thinking that I could be pregnant. So, you get a 50/50 chance from me for either way…lol. Hoping it’s a bfp though 😉

    1. Thanks, sweet lady. I am really, REALLY pulling for you and the husband. You have been so very strong, and such an inspiration. If there is anything that I can do, please don’t hesitate to holler. Prayers for your little ones to be!

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