Sitting here 10DPIUI

The wicked cold of the southeast has finally vacated my life and body.  I still am FLOORED by how awful that was.  Hands down one of the worst sicknesses I have ever experienced.  Thank the heaven’s for honey, tea, and tylenol.

Fortunately, my new-found health has shown her pretty face at about the time that our clinic has finally exploded back into full blown, crazy busy action.  Surgeries, sick appointments, annual exams galore.  Ranging from adorable puppies and kittens to diabetic dogs and renal failure cats.  We are slammed beyond belief.  The truly dumpy part is we are extraordinarily short staffed.  Our poor assistants are working their little tails off, and even if I step in to help with radiographs (don’t worry–fully protected by lead), cleaning exam rooms, or whatever, we are always behind schedule.  Always.  And this means that I am not able to sit down for lunch and tend to get done with paperwork and surgery discharges until later in the evening.  I can certainly handle this pace temporarily, but I worry about the exhaustion of our staff, I worry about running down my associate, and I AM irritated that I haven’t been able to hit the gym.  The Hubs and I have dramatically changed our eating habits in the last couple of weeks (poor old man of mine has been feeling depressed about his extra fluff 😉 ), but I want to get a good sweat on too.  There is just something about the feel of a great workout.

Speaking of which, the diet has transitioned to a great deal more of chicken and veggies at dinner, mostly salad at lunch, and a breakfast with a good hearty portion of protein, some dairy, plus/minus complex carbohydrates.  Of course snacks sprinkled here and there.  Really we are just trying to change our lifestyle to a norm of healthy, wholesome foods.  This isn’t just for IF but also for our overall health.  We need to make taking care of ourselves first priority.  This, naturally, also includes becoming more physical.  I am thinking I need to maybe just adjust my schedule to get up earlier in order to fulfill that goal…I always likes hitting the gym in the early morning anyways.  The birds just seemed to have prettier songs then!

Now on to the important stuff…that whole IUI thing from, well, I guess about a week and 1/2 ago.  Folks. I just don’t know.  I feel pretty much the same.  I may or may not urinate more at night, but I am guessing that is just cause I was way over-hydrating myself due to that nasty cold.  I may or may not have a tinge of a cramp here and there, but I am almost positive that isn’t terribly abnormal in any cycle.  I am exhausted, but I am currently a workhorse at the job site and again have just gotten over a wicked sickness.  Umm, I guess I am saying there is really nothing super exciting to report.  Luckily I have gotten back to taken my BBT since my 2-day reprieve in misery, and it is still higher that what is normal for me.  Yet that is pretty ok too seeing as my personal favorite bestie AF wouldn’t be paying a visit until the mid of next week.

This all means I don’t know.  My hopes are for sure not up.  But I am hanging in there.  Crappy part is I just got to see a perfect little newborn at work, from a truly wonderful couple who struggled with IF for 5 years too, and it just makes me so endlessly sad.  Not for her, never for her, but for what I thought our future would hold.  Sure, we are just beginning really pushing treatment, but it doesn’t make it less sad.  In that regards thank heavens for our insane work schedule.


6 thoughts on “Sitting here 10DPIUI”

  1. You might not think so right now, but you are lucky that your life is so busy ’cause it leaves you less time to think about crap like I do…lol. Good for you and your hubby for changing your lifestyle to a more healthy one. That’s just my motto…”what I do good to my body now I don’t have to deal with later” aka popping in a million pills because of this and that when I’m like 60. I should get back to exercising myself and trust me I have no excuse whatsoever to not to, but right now I just can’t motivate myself. I am sooooo hoping that this IUI is your ticket to motherhood…that would totally give me hope…so you better do your best 😉

  2. I’m glad that you are feeling better, but sorry that you are so overwhelmed at work though! :/ I am praying that AF stays the heck away and that you get a BFP from your IUI!

    1. Thanks, doll… she sure did show up this time, though =( Just more late than her usual punctual self. We just moved to a different RE today, which gives me a heck of a lot more hope for the next cycle!

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