Sick as a dog and The Scarf Exchange!!!

I really don’t even know what that means, except I am very congested, have a mild headache, and feel like I should be running a temperature.  I feel like a pile of crap.  Literally.  And to top all of those cool symptoms, I am on-call this weekend.  Which really wouldn’t be a big deal but I had a call concerning a dog who was have explosive bloody urine.  At 3:30 this morning, about 3 hours prior to when I would normally wake for my appointments in the clinic on a Saturday morning.  I seriously have never felt more like I wanted to die in my adult life.  This is exactly the moment when I wish I was a child and could just call in for about 3 days.

It will all be fine though.  A handful of days and I will start to feel better, with or without rest.  In other news I recently was fortunate to partake in a Scarf Exchange hosted by Stephanie at  I cannot express how stoked and blessed I was to be able to join!!  Fortunately the USPS did deliver her package to our little abode in NM and I love it!!!  I will actually have the pics up later, rest assured!!!  She is truly an amazing and strong lady that brought a little more holiday cheer to our household!

My last little tidbit: we are now 6DPIUI.  I feel literally no different.  I did have some mild cramping, almost like AF a day or so ago, but that is it.  No nausea and certainly no other noted physical changes.  If it wasn’t for this bloody cold, I would probably say I feel exactly as I would in any other cycle.  Oh well.  At least we gave the first IUI attempt a good college try.  Fortunately our consult with the new RE is January 16th, meaning maybe more aggressive and better news coming up.  I am super stoked simply because I feel there will be more monitoring and an actual outlined game plan.  Seriously we just were told we should do a progesterone assay just to see if I am ovulating with Clomid.  Um, why did we not do that with my first round, before we combined in with an IUI?  I do like our current RE but I feel like we are pretty much winging the whole process thus far with our only guidance really coming from my own investigative studies.  Which is not optimal considering that with every current process we are paying out-of-pocket.

Anyways, I hope yall are doing amazing…that 2014 is at least starting out ok.  I am hoping that we will soon have a real direction with the new RE.  In the meantime, just keep swimming!





2 thoughts on “Sick as a dog and The Scarf Exchange!!!”

  1. I’m not sure why you weren’t being monitored especially with an IUI. I was being monitored and I was just in Clomid. Maybe, just maybe being sick as a dog is a good sign?!! I sure hope so! 6dpiui is WAY to early to feel any different. I’m praying you did ovulate and you’re not going to need another RE. 🙂

    1. Thanks dear…I actually feel way worse today than I did a day or so ago 😦 I hate being an adult sometimes! I fortunately have the next day off, at which time I am gonna sleep and snuggle doggies the entire day. At least this is a good way to be distracted during the next week or so. And hopefully we don’t need the new RE, but we are preparing just in case. Ya know, just because…

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