The sheer joy of 2014

2013 was not a bad year.  It was actually a pretty fantastic year for the Hubs and I.  I finally earned my DVM and we were able to move back into the same house after 4 years of separation for school.  The Hubs took a new  position which means a big fat 0 in the deployment department for 2 years.  I also acquired a GP position with decent pay when many of my colleagues could not.  We are healthy, the 4-leggers are healthy, our families are healthy.

Life is good.  Except now we have nothing to divert our attention from the IF.  Infertility is like the beast under the bed…if the lights are on and we have someone to protect us, it can’t hurt us, it maybe even doesn’t exist.  Except that it does exist.  And it will always hold the power to hurt us the most.

But the Hubs and I are stronger than we even know.  We have grown through multiple Afghanistan deployments, through a remote year-long tour in Korea.  We have thrived through the 1400 days and 1000 miles of separation I needed to complete my degree.  This love has lasted over 12 years, during and despite diversity.

Because of this, I am beyond stoked for 2014.  We may or may not have a little one by the end of the year, but it’ll be just fine in either case.  As long as I have his shoulder to lean on, I know everything will be right as rain.  That all being said, Hi there 2014… I can’t wait to get to know you =)


5 thoughts on “The sheer joy of 2014”

    1. It’s truly all because of him. This baby stuff is hard, but I would embark on the same journey just to be with that man. And I am thinking of you, hoping that this pregnancy gets easier to enjoy!!

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