Riding the surge

Stats so far:

Clearblue digital has reported blinking smiley faces yesterday and today.  The generic 2 day OPK are still negative.  If my body does what it always does, the LH surge should hit tomorrow…meaning we are field tripping for the IUI.  I am definitely patting myself on the back for requesting Monday off several weeks ago.

Thankfully this weekend, pre – IUI, has been the much needed vacay from the clinic.  Nothing but cuddling with the doggies and kitties, tidying up the nuclear war zone of our house, sleeping in, and watching football.  It has went by much too quickly, however I also have Tuesday and the first off which will hopefully give me some time to legit recharge.

Especially with this IUI.  Happy thoughts.  Warm thoughts.

All I want for the New Year is for this process to go smoothly.  Hopefully plan B with a new RE won’t be necessary.


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