What was yesterday…Christmas? Weird.

This holiday season, the first the Hubs and I have had away from school and deployments, I spent the vast majority of my time at the clinic.  6 calls,  one of which I took to surgery due to a urethral stone blockage.  As of today I have been at work for the last 9 days.  I am beyond exhausted.  The Boss Man at least took on-call this evening.  Next Christmas, I am requesting off as of tomorrow.

The bright side is first I do receive emergency fees, meaning a bigger check.  Oh, and I could completely ignore all the pregnants and babies out there.  Thank the bloody stars.  Especially since my associate veterinarian’s wife just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to hide from that piece of news because they all come back to work tomorrow.  I guess bring on the chocolate.

I am kinda stoked thought that Christmas is over (maybe I can stop hiding pregnant posts on FB) because that means we are that much closer to our tentative IUI on the 30th.  If all goes well and my body continues to work like clockwork, ovulation will occur around the 31st making the 30th a pretty great time for baby-making.  This last round of Clomid went fair-to-middling, with a minor headache and manageable hot flashes, and so I am hopeful that this will bode well for the IUI.  Unfortunately my BBT chart looks way crazy, but oh well.  Guess that’s why God made OPKs.  Worse comes to worse we have our appointment with the new RE on Jan. 16th, so all will eventually work out ok…I am banking on it.

So, I hope all you lovelies had a reasonable Christmas and are as happy as I am that the holiday season is over (Look at the beautiful gift the Hubs gave me…canvases of the doggy babies!!)  .  I seriously cannot wait to ring in the New Year.  In the meantime, I guess I will keep up with the BBT (the neurotic looking temp spikes are totes ok), the OPK, and other weird stuff indefinitely.  Hopefully I can avoid more pregnancy announcements during the wait.

One more thing, thankful my urethrostomy case urinated a little this p.m.  Thank the heavens!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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