An Infertile’s Sexy Christmas Stocking

I was truly hoping that a BFP would be our special Christmas miracle this year, but there is surely a different plan in the works.  And it’s obvious that I am kinda bummed about it.  I think, all considered, I am at least beginning to be ok with this month’s negative.  There are several reasons for this.  First and foremost, once we do (and I have faith that it will happen eventually!) get that second line, we are going to be intensely thankful and involved in the entire process.  Second, our marriage is so much stronger than it was prior to this IF challenge.  We talk more and communicate better.  We are obviously a resilient central unit that provides a positive example and encouragement for couples around us.

Now those first two reasons are the most important reasons that I am oddly thankful for IF.  There are lots more.  But this third reason probably ranks pretty high.

Enter the Christmas Stocking.  We recently visited the Hub’s family in Portland, OR.  It was a blast mostly because I was able to really “hang out” with the sisters-in-law.  They are bloody hilarious.  Amongst the general adult bantering, they both informed me that they do naughty Christmas Stockings for their sig figs.  What? Yup, you heard that right.  Apparently they both have been doing it for some time, and their spouses come up with a stocking for them as well.  My first thought: this sounds fun.

So, this is our first year of the naughty stockings.  I am already on my way of collecting a wide array of hilarious, bizarre, and interesting items, mostly for my own entertainment.  Although I may try to guilt the Hubs into trying on a pair of elephant/ giraffe underwear so I can outwardly giggle at him!  If we are going to do scheduled BD, might as well make it interesting.  Maybe I’ll even try to also guilt him into wearing those lil’ briefs for the IUI (elephants are good luck, right 😉 ).  I’ll have to let ya’ll know his reaction =)

If we have to reside in the Land of IF, we might as well make it as fun as possible, if not a little entertaining at times too.

P.S. from the Hub’s most recent text message: “OMG I might kill someone.  You better like this shit.”

I know he is raging, but I can’t help but laugh at him sometimes.


3 thoughts on “An Infertile’s Sexy Christmas Stocking”

  1. Elephants, ey? lol…I don’t think I would get my hubby to do that…more power to you 😉 Sounds like lots of fun…life can be dull at times and laughing is healthy! Roll on January!

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