Navigating the military insurance nightmare

Before I rant…I finally put in our order for Christmas cards!!!

<— They are gonna be hella late, but they are hella cute (right?), so honey badger don’t care.  I am so stoked with how adorable they are!!!  Thanks to Jessah at for the fantastic suggestion to browse fantastic designs.  I really, REALLY love it!!

Moving on.  So the Hubs and I have been working with an RE around 3 and 1/2 hours away.  We have had a great relationship with this RE and have really appreciated his willingness to get a move on with diagnostics and etc.  However he is 3 ++ HOURS AWAY.  And I am also a doctor, meaning that my schedule is literally as flexible as a steel pole.  I did have a little foresight to make an appointment with an RE around 2 hours away.  Unfortunately we did not start with this RE because I had made that appointment in June and the earliest appt they had was in January 2014.  What?  That literally does not even make sense.  If I was to tell my clients, sorry, can’t see your pet until almost a year from now I would probably be lynched.  But I do get it.  This is a small area and so these specialty services are managing quite a large area of people.

Unfortunately the baby making process has continued to take forever and so we might actually be able to use that January appt.  I do feel bad about switching REs but I feel that having a provider who is closer will be that much better for moving on with IUIs (or whatever else we have to do).  Additionally, this particular RE does tend to use ultrasound +/- bloodwork while performing IUIs which makes me feel better about footing a 300-400 dollar bill.  And I feel like these additional monitoring devices will help give us a better chance at conceiving.  It’s too bad though cause this RE is a lady doctor and I feel like offering her a drink post-IUI won’t be taken as jovially as with our previous male RE.  Oh well.

There is a glitch in this switching process though.  I now have to get a referral from TriCare to establish care with the new RE.  Meaning I have to call the base, talk to 10,000 people multiple times, put in a request with my primary care manager’s (PCM) nurse who will then take several days to tract down my PCM to sign a new referral.  Then I have to make sure that referral is forwarded to the new RE.  Oh and also get all the documentation of my diagnostic laparascopy from the previous RE (3.5 hours away, yay!!) and track down all of the Hubs semen analyses so that we can get the info to the new RE before the appointment.  The impending holidays should make this process a bit easier, I’m thinking.  At least it’ll give me time to figure out how to tell my Boss Man about the impending erratic schedule I will have a week out of each month.  I am really nervous about that talk.

So here we are.  Waiting on those calls from the ever efficient Air Force.  Might as well go pick-up my bestie, Clomid.  Good thing cause AF is definitely showing her pre-arrival face.  Bring on the hot flashes.  Sleeping in the nude, not for sessy time, but to prevent hyperthermia is what all cool kids do.


5 thoughts on “Navigating the military insurance nightmare”

  1. Awesome Christmas card! Better late than never 😉 Wow, this all sounds very complicated…do you have an assistant for all that? lol..j/k…I’d be stressed, too, if I had to juggle work and infertility…although sometimes I think if I had a meaningful career this whole infertility business wouldn’t pull me down as much…maybe just wishful thinking. Before I got to see our RE I did the same run around and trying to get all the papers together for our first visit and all the approvals…very nerve-wrecking…but, in the end I got it all done, so I’m sure you’ll do just fine…better stock up on that wine (and, no, I’m not an alcoholic…lol).

    1. I just bought pomegranate wine…as I recall it is delicious! I bet the insurance and work mess will work out, with a little persistence and luck. In the meanwhile, where is that bottle opener 😉

  2. I love your Christmas card. It’s sooo cute. 🙂 I’m sorry you have to deal with all of this stuff. I hate insurance companies. Stay strong- hard work will pay off with insurance. 🙂 The last part of this post made me laugh. 🙂

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