Reclaiming life from the TWW

There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one that you are capable of living. 

~Nelson Mandela

I am currently sitting on the couch, researching IUI success stories, watching American Horror Story, and entertaining future goals in the back of my mind.  I can see the gentle glow of the Hubs’ Griswald-like decorations and am pleasantly comfortable with life…at least for this moment.  AF is on her way at any moment (BBT has dropped…and those pre-menstrual cramps have reared their ugly heads), and so my hormones are irrationally boarding the rage train but now the lady bits are all quiet.  This is likely the reason I am content but beggers can’t be choosers, so I will take it.

Because of my unusual cheery mood and that 2014 is just around the corner, I could not help but to revisit past and future goals.  Naturally I have the typical goals like weight loss but I have always, ALWAYS wanted to complete a marathon.  I have completed 2 halves, just have not taken the plunge for the big daddy.  So…why not?  I feel that if I just sit around and sulk about starting a family, I will constantly live in a state of disappointment.  And life will just keep going by with me watching on the sidelines.   Let’s not do that.  Let’s live!!

Starting small is always the best way to embark on these type adventures.  As of today, easy does it, hitting the pavement will begin.  I am super stoked.  If this pregnancy thing ever does happen, I always wanted to be able to run throughout the pregnancy and this may be the first steps for that goal.  But if the bump never happens, I will at least not be wallowing in my own depression.  And I will be healthy and sleep better and just be better.

We are also going to continue planning trips…to North Idaho, North Dakota, Las Vegas, maybe Hawaii.  It really doesn’t matter where as long as we have an escape from the dreariness of the High Plains.  I have a distinct feeling that our request to PCS to an Alaska base is a bust, which makes me boil with anger, and these little vacays will make our indefinite stay here better.  I also want to further explore and enjoy NM…there is some pretty cool places and events in both NM and surrounding states.

Alright, so there are 2 of my current life goals.  To make life more than just waiting on a positive from a stick.


6 thoughts on “Reclaiming life from the TWW”

    1. Thanks lady! And I agree, it sucks. It sucks more with all the pregnancy announcements and spending time with preggers at Xmas parties. I can only talk about how they can’t drink alcohol and have mood swings and are exhausted for so long. It’s better to just run.

  1. You do have a good attitude. I was looking at half marathons today 🙂 I’ve never done any, the most was a 5K. You just may have me motivated. Hmmm ‘to make life more than peeing on a stick’ I like the sound of that!

  2. Very ambitious 😉 I wish I was a bit more like that…lol. Should AF really show up you can have a drink or two…that’s what I usually end up doing unless I’m too lazy to take an extra trip to the liquor store. I don’t drink nearly as much here as I did in Germany where it’s no big deal to have a glass of wine with your dinner. You’ve got the right attitude…thumbs up 🙂 I better come up with a goal, too 😉

  3. Inspiring! I am trying to do the same, to broaden the net, so to speak, to catch more of life. But it is proving to be very difficult for me. I can’t seem to sustain interest in other things for very long. Good luck to you, I’ll be following your story.

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