Tentative…Last minute IUI 2013

Well, I guess step 1 is done.  I contacted our RE and discussed the details of scheduling our IUI.  The entire scenario is incredibly simple, which makes me kinda nervous.  We will be completing a stimulated cycle with Clomid either the end of December or for our January cycle.  This particular cycle will be monitored with OPK, not ultrasound, with an IUI planned for the day following a positive LH surge.  We just call in and say, holla, ready to go!  and it’s booked.  This December cycle may be slightly complicated because it does fall around January 1st, but the January cycle should be no problem.

But, monitoring and calling in is definitely not a problem…I am more than a little stressed that not having either bloodwork or ultrasound to monitor my cycle’s progression may lead to a procedure that will not fall on an optimal time.  And it’s hard enough to ask for time off because of my professional  commitments, not to mention how often we may have to request for specific, and very sudden, dates.  I feel like such a jerk to even consider asking.  But what are we to do?  I am just trying to be super dedicated and work crazy hard to make up for these dates.  I figure we will try at least 3 IUI cycles with OPKs, then move more advanced stimulated cycles later.

Additionally, I desperately just want this to work asap.  I know we all do, cause this a long and terrible road regardless of how long we have been trekking.  I am just so very afraid that the Hubs will be deployed or moved to Korea or something, and another year will go by, and we will still be right where we are now.  Watching everyone else build families, watching babies grow.  Did we do something to deserve this challenge in a past life?  Prolly doesn’t help that I just feel so NEGATIVE about our chances right now…

I have to admit that AF is being her usual taunting self (see above pouting)  and that is likely a big reason in my current funk.  It doesn’t help that it looks like we are going to continue to reside in NM, with no hopes of a base change any time soon.   And it for sure rubs some salt in the wounds when there are so many babies and pregnancies recently announced.  One of our lovely staff members came in with her newborn today and I almost opted to leave in order to cry.  In the middle of a surgery schedule.  This was followed by being hit with a couple more military pregnancy announcements on FB.  And I have been so short with the Hubs…I feel like such a selfish brat.  I am so tired of hiding our whole infertility issues like we are somehow being punished.

That being said, I have found such a great group of ladies via blogs to vent to, and I have a truly great position, and I am mostly healthy  ( I can’t wait for this Scarf Swap hosted by Stephanie @ http://www.theicingonourcake.com/ ) .  Life is good, if I just breath and take the time to remember it.

Smile all out there!!!



8 thoughts on “Tentative…Last minute IUI 2013”

  1. Hugs! I know how overwhelming this is. They probably start you out on a less aggressive IUI (no ultrasound monitoring) cycle because of your age (most likely under 30?) and because you just need a little push to become pregnant. This is probably a good sign then 😉 Plus it will cost you less money, too 🙂 Actually, because you don’t need the monitoring you will need less short notice appointments. Also, should you find out that your hubby will be deployed they can freeze his swimmers and you can have IUIs done while he’s gone. I know not really romantic, but honestly none of this crap is romantic 😉

    1. Amen sister! I suspect you are prolly right…except that I truly wish I was under 30!! I was gonna ask the Doc if he would buy me a drink after the whole process, you know, to add a little more candle lights and dinner to the entire event 😉

      1. Lol…yeah, just to spice up the event 😉 You look young…I bet you are barely over 30. I’m going to be 39 next year, but honestly in my head I’m still 25…lol…it’s probably because we don’t have kids…go figure! I swear people age when they have kids…f.e. we bought a car last year and the sales guy looked to me really young and he had just become a dad. We went back there for a car check up just recently and my husband and I both had the same thought…wow…he aged!

      2. So, I am totally not gonna lie that I have reached an age where I get offended if I am not carded at restaurants. How did this even happen? And you are right on the mark with children aging folks. I definitely feel younger than many of the couples close to our age with kids…and we look younger too! Which are part of the bright side of waiting for kids right?!

  2. That cycle seems interesting. They aren’t doing ultrasounds at all?

    I am sorry that you are having so many pregnancy announcements lately. It is indeed tough. 😦

    I am so excited that you joined the Scarf Swap! I purchased a scarf for you today and I think it is perfect…at least I hope it is. 🙂 It’s hard to find bright colors in the winter. :/

    1. I think I found a beauty too!!! I’ll prolly ship it off tomorrow…maybe, depending on how many crazies there are out and about shipping stuff out too. I am super excited to get it sent off.
      And I completely agree that this next cycle does seem odd. I believe that our RE is working under the assumption that most of my northern lady bits are normal and that I cycle fairly regularly. I guess we shall give it a shot and hope for the best!

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