Take me to the mountains, take me to the sea, take me to Oregon

The breathtaking awe I feel upon flying into the NW is surreal.  I feel complete and at utter peace.  I am beyond a doubt a mountain girl.

Because of my sheer joy, our little vacay had a fantastic beginning, middle, and end.  I love seeing family… I love the chaos and energy of being submerged in a gaggle of relatives.  Unfortunately, because of the Air Force we rarely get to enjoy being part of this living body.  Which sucks on so many levels.  Many of which include cultivating relationships with our many nieces and nephews.  I can’t even comprehend how they all grew up so fast, how some are no longer those chubby little boys and girls but are truly young adults.  They even have boy- and girl- friends….what does that even mean?!?!

And of course the Hubs and I did all of the crazy kid things that we do.  We got VD in Portland (hahaha…I love it cause VooDoo Donuts 😉 ), contributed to the Hubs OSU wardrobe, visited the Pittock Mansion.  Stayed up gossiping and laughing with family.  Ate and ate some more.  I even inadvertently met a couple of the Hub’s old, old flames (I thought about being jealous, but 8+ matrimonial years allows me to say he has pretty good taste =) ).

Inevitably the baby question came up.  I no longer can hide behind vet school and am actually a working adult which clearly means so much sessy time and oodles of babies.  Except we all here know the reality….in fact that really awesome BBT chart is a great way to remind oneself about all of the continual marching of Mother Nature.  Enter excuses, ranging from “we are just enjoying catching up on all of our lost time” to “we still feel so young!”  And these are both very true statements.  We are experiencing life to the max right now and we are young!  But the Hubs birthing day is today and this has been going on for  the longest 5 years.  With each year filled with 12 monthly reminders that cannot be hidden from a FB news-feed.

This brief respite from reality was greatly needed during a time of the year when there are so many pregnancies and new babies and constant updates of sleepless nights filled with sweet baby cheeks.  All from so many fertiles who have the blessing of not worrying about how they are going to schedule appointments or even finance just the dream of the family.  I can’t help but to be jealous and wistful and more than a tad sad, but it does make sense, right?

I am calling for the refill on Clomid, round 2, in the morning.  We still have to decide whether or not to pursue an IUI with this next cycle.  It’s just so difficult to manage my work commitments and juggle appointments around 220 miles away.  If we opt for IUI, I want to make sure we optimize the results with all the monitoring bells and whistles.  Regardless of our choice, ya can’t stop time and we are now firmly rooted in our 30s.  I have a feeling we are gonna go for the bigger guns sooner than later.  Just hope the Boss Man understands.


2 thoughts on “Take me to the mountains, take me to the sea, take me to Oregon”

  1. It’s always fun to catch up with family. I hear you on the niece and nephew stuff. I’ve got plenty of them, but don’t really know them ’cause I either meet them before they are born in their mommy’s belly or when they are babies or two year olds and then nothing for a long time. In a way it’s a good thing that they are further away ’cause they are a constant reminder about how unsuccessful my husband and I have been in the baby making department. Anyhow, I hope the clomid stuff will work out for you and if not you can join the IUI club 😉

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