My heart takes strength in numbers… and in Clomid

As I have so desperately engaged the IF community, I have found an amazing group of women (and spouses!!) with whom I can both relate to and cheer for.  I am not alone. There are others who can give me strength as I can give them.  And I will.  All of my doctor knowledge… there has to be something that applies to humans!!!!

Which leads me to CD 12.  We are now officially 5 days post Clomid, with the expectations that ovulation will occur at anytime. That being said my BBT has boarded the rage train, with some pretty extreme spikes noted initially. Bloody hot flashes. Our OPK has reported high LH (lutinizing hormone) for the past 3 days, but currently no peak.  This all does makes sense given the mechanism of Clomid.  As an active molecular competitor, it prevents the normal negative feedback of estrogen from the ovaries to the pituitary.  Subsequently our friend pituitary bursts into hormone overload with FSH, or follicular stimulation hormone.  This all leads to the enhanced follicular development which then results in mature egg formation.  Essentially all of this biology jargon means the body is tricked into inducing an increase in mature egg production.  Which is pretty neat magic for science, but nerve racking for real life infertiles.

And so enter our two weeks… Which all hit on the Portland vacay.  I am crazy excited, but nervous cause we will actually have questions about when we are gonna join the baby-making crowd.  Previously I could use schooling as an excuse, but, well, guess that expiration date has passed.  And it doesn’t help that I feel like a grain overloaded cow.  Cheese and rice.

It’ll be okay, truly, cause we can move  on. IUI next cycle, maybe even with a closer RE.  The glass has to be half full, right !?!?!?!

Anyways, beautiful ladies out there, chin up and baby dust!!!


2 thoughts on “My heart takes strength in numbers… and in Clomid”

    1. Thanks Jessah…it is so incredibly nice to find others even though it really is dumpy that it means that they also have to go through this crazy ride. Hoping that your holiday season is getting to be that much better!!

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