Preggers everywhere!!!

You have got to be kidding me.  Yet another couple, one who is truly lovely, was all up in arms about getting pregnant ASAP.  Apparently the man-of-the-house had some type of trauma (real shocking, you know, since he is a typical boy) when he was younger.  And like many very normal couples, they did not get knocked up in the first official month of trying.  Well, guess what? Turns out they are perfectly normal.  Expecting as of a whole month, after less than 7 months of trying, and why not tell the world?

I seriously, SERIOUSLY feel like there is not a day that goes by that I do not see/hear/am bombarded by announcements of couples expecting.  Announcements from literally every couple we know.  Every single one.  In fact, before we started decided to “just see what happens,” I have never even heard about a couple who had problems conceiving.  It is time like these that I really, really miss school.  At least in that environment, I could effectively hide from any and all military couples who are always procreating.  Please tell me that this will get easier at some point…that I will eventually just feel happy for all of them.  I know we are not the only ones who actually are going through the reproductive endocrinology ringer and we DO have so many great blessings.  In the meantime: Search person on FB.  Click hide from newsfeed.

I am sorry that this makes me sound bitter.  I am trying not to be.  Really, really trying.  It is very exciting for them, and I have no doubt they will be amazing parents.  But I am so over pregnant women, I could almost scream.  I secretly cannot wait until the last pregnant assistant finally peaces out for maternity leave cause we have had at least one, if not 2, ladies who are pregnant all of the time for the last 3 years.  And it is really hard to avoid these individuals and all of their open joy when the staff is all of 15 people.  If another gal in the clinic gets that positive pee stick, I may begin to consider being an open alcoholic.  Even if I try to be happy, try to set aside my jealousy, I feel like every announcement is just more salt in the wound.  Why can’t there be a little break from this baby-making madness?!?!  I feel like this is like a weird episode of the Walking Dead, but the mamas can’t infect you even if they bite you.  What. Ever.

Moving on.  Last of the Clomids was ingested yesterday.  Yay.  I think that although I am not having headaches or other crazy side-effects, I am kinda done with the midnight hot flashes and occasional desire to throw a temper-tantrums when seeing babies and such.   If these ‘lil internal temperature episodes are any indication of menopause, uh-oh.  And I am so ready for this next cycle to be over, so we can just move on to the next step.  Which makes me really sad, cause this cycle is during the holidays and I really love Christmas.  I LOVE the holiday season.  I love being with a big, rambunctious family when everything is out of control during this time of the year.  And of course I will hope and pray that these little white pills may be what we need to do the trick.  Won’t, but hell, worth the hope I guess.  Good thing I will be alone with the Hubs and the liquor store is just on-base for when Mother Nature decides to taunt us again.  Family can’t judge you when you are drunk 1/2 way across the country and all alone with a metric ton of pets on the holidays 🙂

Just keep smiling, right? At least it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, and the Hubs will be working his amazing cooking magic.

OH, and I am NOT, NOT, NOT ON CALL FOR my very 1st  holiday of this year!!


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